Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema

Dermatitis, also called Eczema, is a genetic or inherited disease in which the skin cannot hold moisture well and cannot keep out irritants. This results in dry, sensitive skin which will often itch, turn red, flake and possibly be inflamed. Eczema can occur in patients of any age but the skin disease is most commonly found in infants to young adults and is very often hereditary. The symptoms usually improve as the child grows up but in some cases, Eczema can continue to bother older adults. In children, infantile Eczema occurs mainly on the face and scalp. The itchy rash is most likely associated with an oozing, crusting rash. Scratching of the affected areas may lead to bleeding and some infection, so it is best to seek treatment from a dermatologist until time solves the problem. In older patients, the symptoms change from red, blistering skin to dry, brownish-gray patches that may appear scaly or thickened. The intense itching however doesn’t seem to diminish and can be especially irritating at night.

Treatment Options:

While there is no cure for dermatitis/eczema, however there are effective treatments to manage the care of the affected skin. The main objective is to decrease skin breakouts and relieve the itching when it occurs. Antihistamines and moisturizers are often used to relieve the symptoms.

The professionals at Skinworks can offer you advice on the things to avoid that can aggravate the symptoms of Eczema. We provide instruction regarding proper hygiene, moisturizing and how to deal with the emotional aspects that may trigger a severe reaction. We offer several treatment options including external medications such as creams, internal prescriptions such as antihistamines and oral antibiotics. Call us today to discuss how we can assist you in clearing your skin with proper treatment, Eczema can easily be controlled.

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