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Dermaplaning (leveling the skin or simply blading), is an innovative form of manual exfoliation performed by our experienced aesthetician. It involves the use of a sterile surgical blade held against taut skin at a 45-degree angle and stroked just like shaving. The result is smooth supple vibrant skin. Treatments typically last 30 minutes and are done monthly, which coincides with a normal skin cycle of approximately 30 days. We are not using chemicals so there is no irritation that is often associated with peels, so results are immediate. Furthermore, because the blade being used is small, dermaplaning can target specific problem areas more easily and skillfully than other procedures. Dermaplaning acne, dull complexion, uneven tone. Dermaplaning with facial or microdermabrasion? Dermaplaning benefits and dermaplaning cost reviewed during your consultation

Also, there’s no need for women to fear that the vellous hair on their face will grow back thicker after it’s been bladed because it won’t. Unlike terminal hairs, which are thicker, like men’s facial hair or leg hair, vellous hairs grow back the same after they’ve been removed, as the structure of the hair does not become damaged. Contact us to schedule your appointment with Maria @ Skinworks Medspa.

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