Earlobe Concerns


Earlobe Concerns

Earlobe Keloids?  Surgical removal of earlobe keloids are routine . Done at our offices to minimize potential recurrence, surgery is routinely combined with intralesional steroid injections, prescriptions gels, compression earrings and laser. With proper patient education and compliance, results are often quite rewarding. Earlobe keloid removal is considered cosmetic by most insurances however our prices are reasonable. Call today to discuss your options.

Earlobe Repair

Whether the earring hole is larger and longer than usual or torn completely through, Dr. Zelaya can easily restore it to its desired appearance. The procedure is a simple, 30 minute outpatient office procedure. Local (numbing) anesthesia is injected into the area. After removing the damaged portion of the skin, small sutures are placed to bring the skin together. To reduce the risk of a repeated tear, we recommend 6 weeks of healing prior to re-piercing. Gentle, lightweight clip-on earrings may be worn soon after sutures are removed, if desired. Earlobe repair is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance however our prices are extremely reasonable. Call for a complimentary consultation.

Floppy Earlobes

For some women (and men) the earring hole is not too large, but the surrounding skin of the earlobe is not as plump and firm as it should be. This causes stud earrings to sag downward. Injecting Restylane or Juvederm filler into the area can immediately cure this problem without surgery. Results typically last one year, and can be repeated as needed. 

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