Mole & Skin Tag Removal


A person may wish to get rid of moles or skin tags that are in areas of trauma, where clothing can irritate them or simply because they are unattractive. The most common methods of removal include numbing the spot and then shaving the mole off, or for some larger moles, cutting out the entire lesion and stitching the area closed. Moles that are shaved off sometimes recur, while those that are surgically excised and closed with sutures do not recur usually.

Tags are frozen, cauterized or snipped. All these procedures can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. Healing and recovery times vary for each procedure but they’re relatively quick.

The cost of treatment varies depending on the size and depth of the growth, as well as the number of growths to be removed.

Is it safe to shave over a mole?

Shaving does not cause a mole to become cancerous. A person might want to have moles in a frequently shaved area removed because they are irritating and easily traumatized.

Moles with hair:

Some moles contain hairs and considered unattractive. The hairs can be clipped close to the skin’s surface or removed permanently with electrolysis. Shave removal of the mole does not remove the hair, excisional surgery (removal, followed by stitch closure) removes mole and hair.

Most moles cause no problems:

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