Tinea Versicolor


Tinea Versicolor

What is Tinea Versicolor?

Tinea Versicolor is a harmless rash caused by yeast (pityrosporum orbiculare) which grows normally on the skin. In some people a more active growth occurs, usually in hot humid weather. It causes slightly scaly patches on the back, chest, shoulders and upper arms. These patches may appear brown, red, or white and may or may not be itchy. White patches occur because the rash area will not tan. The failure to tan is temporary and skin will tan normally after the rash clears up. Because the organism which causes Tinea Versicolor is a normal inhabitant of the skin, it is common to get recurrences after adequate treatment.

Treatment Options:

Medicated shampoos, topical and oral antifungal creams depending on the severity of the rash. The treatments remove only the patches of Tinea Versicolor. The white or dark spots will take several weeks to months of recovery before they blend in with the normal skin.

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